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Our service ArchiveOnline is a digital archive for patents and other technical literature. ArchiveOnline helps you store a large collection of documents in a well-structured and easily accessible way and provides a number of advanced search functions.

How does ArchiveOnline work?

Patent data

Each patent in the database is automatically updated with bibliographic data such as title, abstract, class etc. It is also possible to add personal comments to each document record and to make your own classifications. The interface is dynamic and can be customized, for example by adding new searchable data fields. Through the web browser interface you can upload and download personal documents, either one by one or all together in a zip-file.

Search functions

The search engine provides means for searching both bibliographic and personal data fields. The data fields can be searched separately or concurrently. The result of a search is presented in a list with bibliographic data and links to the pdf-documents and the appearance of the list can of course be modified according to your own preferences.

Communication between colleagues

The result of a search can be sent to one or more recipients per e-mail. Authorized users can then log in to ArchiveOnline and access the documents displayed in the provided list. To facilitate communication between colleagues it is possible to create several user-levels with different edit permissions.


Uppdragshuset performs OCR-scanning of all documents as an additional service for customers. Thereby searchability is improved since full-text search is enabled.

Monitoring via ArchiveOnline

ArchiveOnline was developed especially with the intention of providing an efficient tool for delivery of monitoring and competitive surveillance. The result may be added directly to an ArchiveOnline account so as to provide instant access for the client to bibliographic data and searchable full-text documents. We offer competitive prices on monitoring jobs and deliver by customer needs, e.g. monthly or quarterly. Please contact us for an offer.

Security and support

All data is stored on an individual account at Uppdragshuset’s premises, which is accessed via the Internet. The only software required is Microsoft Explorer and Acrobat Reader. Uppdragshuset provides updates and support and there is no need for local installations. To obtain maximum security, ArchiveOnline runs on a firewall protected Linux server, and both the database itself and the connection to the customer are encrypted.

Licence contract

The license fee for Archive Online is based on the number of users. You can license one, five, or ten users or buy a corporate license that allows an unlimited number of users. The cost for uploading of new documents depends on the volume. Larger volumes entail a lower price per document.


Does this sound interesting to you? We can visit your company for a free demonstration.

If you want try it out for yourself, contact us. We can give you access to our online demo with a test portfolio containing patents and NPL concerning GPS and Bluetooth technology. We can also set up a try-out account that allows you to explore all the functions of ArchiveOnline with a personal test portfolio.