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Our goal is to pave you the best possible way to make decisions. We pool our knowledge from different industries and disciplines in order to find the right solution for you.


„Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.“    

~ Victor Hugo ~

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Henrik Schreiber

Diplom Chemist

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Information Specialist

Dr. Thomas Haubenreich

Diplom Chemist

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Information Specialist

Dr. Katrin Ridinger

Dr. sc. nat. Dipl. Biologist

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Information Specialist

Albrecht Storz

Dipl.-Eng. (FH) 

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Patent Consultant

Kathrin-Susann Hub


Which service may we provide?


  • Patents/Utility Models
  • Literature
  • Designs
  • IP Case Law

Patent Monitoring

  • regarding Applicants/Assignees/Inventors
  • regarding Classification
  • regarding Kyewords
  • and many more


  • Technic
  • Chemistry
  • Life Science
  • Designs

Our services

What we do


Patent Searches

- State of the Art
- Novelty
- Opposition materials
- Freedom to operate
- Third Party
- Legal Status

With our detailed know how we may support you with expertises in the fields of Chemistry, Pharma and Life Science by using
- structure searches (Markush/Registry)
- Biosequenzes

Literature searches

Patent monitoring


- you get information answering your questions

- Search Reports with significant comments supporting your work

- a suiting format for your reports

- help with the acquisition of fulltexts or translations (patents and specialist literature)

- qualifaied and personal contact persons for your questions to accurately define the search parameters

- precise patent monitoring

- individual offers and services suiting your needs

- support of your internal knowledge management

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We are a team of five search experts conducting searches from our location Heidelberg since 2005. Our flexibilty and experience in the fields of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Technology is our commendation. We reliably and securely use our competences in Intellectual Property for you. We are information specialists speaking your language. 

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